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Overview of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Investing

ESG investing is a form of sustainable or socially-responsible investing that integrates Environmental, Social and Governance factors into the fundamental investment process and considers their impact along with more traditional financial variables. Once a fringe investment strategy that incorporated blunt exclusionary tactics which often led to inferior performance, ESG investing is rapidly becoming a mainstream approach to achieve a more socially responsible and sustainable investment portfolio without sacrificing return potential. Our conviction in the future of ESG and its benefits to investors, companies, and society at large led Blue Edge to launch a family of ESG portfolios in 2018, which now have a seasoned track record.


Growth and Evolution of ESG Investing

We believe that one of the key developments supporting ESG’s growth has been the evolution of ESG integration methods and the accelerating pace of new ESG fund launches that have increased investor options in the market. Investing with social or environmental consciousness used to require significant scale or be a one-size-fits-all proposition due to limited availability of sustainable investment strategies; however, there are now multiple approaches and investment products targeting many points along the investing spectrum. The growth and proliferation of sustainable passive funds (index mutual funds and ETFs) has democratized access to ESG strategies by offering cost-effective solutions for smaller investors.


Blue Edge Capital ESG Offerings

Blue Edge Capital has developed ESG portfolios for individual and institutional investors who wish to access the social and financial benefits of sustainable investing through transparent, liquid, and cost-efficient ETFs. Our ESG portfolios are designed around the same core investment philosophies and employ a similar approach to asset allocation and ETF selection as our other BEC portfolio families. We worked closely with thought leaders in the ESG space to develop portfolios that minimize tracking error and seek to achieve comparable performance versus traditional indices in their pursuit of superior ratings along ESG metrics.

BEC’s Investment Portfolios

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