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Blue Edge Capital is an independently-owned investment management firm serving individuals and families, charitable and family trusts, and endowments and foundations. We are a federally-registered investment adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

Why Blue Edge Capital?

Through our experience at investment firms focused on active management, our roles on foundation and endowment boards, and our own personal experience as investors, we understand the challenges and frustrations that many investors face and endeavor to deliver a superior experience defined by the following pillars:

Experienced Guidance

Each member of our investment team has significant experience navigating the financial markets and managing investment portfolios. In addition to our professional training, we also have considerable personal experience leading investment and finance committees of non-profit organizations. We have been in your shoes, and we designed our investment approach to address the challenges and opportunities that we’ve seen first-hand.

A Relationship-Driven Partnership

Collaboration is central to everything we do, and we have embraced a high-touch, personal approach to client service. We build our relationships one at a time and know each client directly. Every member of our team is integral to the client experience and takes responsibility for the outcomes.

A Proven Investment Model

We manage our investment portfolios on a fully discretionary basis and thus serve as a fiduciary for all our clients. Our use of index-tracking exchange traded funds (ETFs) to achieve asset allocation targets reduces investment costs, improves portfolio transparency, and eliminates the manager and security selection risks that often contribute to underperformance. While somewhat novel at the time of our launch more than ten years ago, most elements of our investment approach have grown in popularity and become mainstream in recent years. While our core philosophy and investment approach has not changed, we continue to evolve to meet the needs of current and future investors.

Alignment of Interests

Because we invest most of our personal investment assets in our BEC portfolios, our success and motivations are closely aligned with that of our clients. Our investors come first, and we conduct our operations to the highest standard of professional care. We intentionally adopted a straight-forward and efficient business model that seeks to avoid conflicts of interest.

An Investment-Centric Culture

We are exclusively focused on managing investment portfolios and maintaining an exceptional client experience. We do not offer any ancillary fee-based services and do not utilize intermediaries to help us attract new assets, which can result in higher costs. We welcome introductions and inquiries through any channel but are pleased that much of our growth has come by word of mouth through our existing clients.

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