Investing with Blue Edge Capital

Client Communication & Reporting

Blue Edge Capital has embraced a high-touch, relationship-driven client service model that includes regular communication and comprehensive reporting. We spend a great deal of time making sure our clients fully understand how we approach investing, what fees are involved, and what to expect in terms of performance reporting and ongoing communication. BEC clients can expect the following touchpoints in relation to their accounts:


Regular communication with team members


Access to a comprehensive on-line reporting portal


Daily transparency on portfolio and performance


Timely monthly performance reports and comprehensive quarterly letters


Account Transitions & Onboarding

Our experienced team directs all aspects of the investment account onboarding process. Utilizing digital solutions whenever possible, we seek to ensure a smooth transition for our clients' taxable and retirement assets and take the time to think through the optimal and most tax-friendly conversion of assets into our portfolios. We discuss the various options for account administration in order to determine the features that best support our clients’ needs.

Custody of Client Investment Assets

Client assets are held and safe-guarded with qualified custodians. In an effort to reduce their all-in cost of management, we encourage our investors to custody their accounts with custodians that have robust platforms yet do not charge custodian fees or trading commissions on stocks and ETFs. BEC is not affiliated with any custodian, and we can work with most providers.



Because we invest through ETFs and typically have modest annual portfolio turnover, our taxable clients enjoy significant tax-related advantages relative to investment strategies that incorporate traditional mutual funds or other actively managed approaches. ETFs are structured to minimize taxes for the holder of the ETF, and the ultimate tax bill (after the ETF is sold and capital gains tax is incurred) is typically less than what the investor would have paid with a similarly structured mutual fund. Our taxable clients receive a single Form 1099 well ahead of standard reporting deadlines.

Other Investment Support Services

We hope that our investors view us as a personal sounding board and a resource for important financial questions. For our individual and family relationships, we welcome the opportunity to provide financial education to spouses, children, and trustees so they feel informed about our approach and empowered to make long-term investment decisions. For our non-profit relationships, we are pleased to offer our perspectives on organizational, governance, and fund-raising related topics, as desired. We often assist our non-profit clients with the creation or revision of their Investment Policy Statements and consider this service a part of our client-advisor partnership.

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