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Individual & Families

Our portfolios are ideally suited for individuals and families looking to maximize investment returns on their taxable and retirement assets because we implement our investment approach primarily through low cost and tax efficient Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Our clients seek to stay informed and value transparency, so we provide robust reporting and ready access through our team members and web-based portal. We ensure that our clients fully understand how we approach investing, what fees are involved, and what to expect in terms of performance reporting and ongoing communication. We offer individual investors and families:

  • Personalized education, including family members
  • Suitability surveys
  • User-friendly web-based portal
  • Simple and timely 1099 tax reporting

Family & Charitable Trusts

We understand the fiduciary demands of individual, family, and charitable trusts, and we developed our investment solutions to suit all types of beneficiaries. Trustees can feel confident that our well-diversified, indexed approach eliminates many of the risks associated with active management and offers a lower cost and more flexible long-term solution than many alternatives. Our team understands the complexities of trusts and works well with estate lawyers and accountants in the administration process. Trustees can rest assured with Blue Edge Capital as we provide:

  • Timely, institutional-quality performance reporting with regular updates to trustees
  • Portal access for trustees, accountants, and beneficiaries to simplify governance and administration
  • Low “all-in” cost of management
  • Simple and timely 1099 tax reporting

Endowments & Foundations

Our team has served in leadership roles with many non-profit organizations in our region, including those involved in education, the arts, and healthcare. As a result, we appreciate the challenges trustees face, which can lead to disappointing investment performance. We founded Blue Edge Capital with the goal of providing a better investment solution for small to mid-sized foundations and endowments. Our approach emphasizes education and ongoing guidance and is characterized by transparency, robust reporting, and fiduciary best practices. Our goal is to free board members and staff from the day-to-day responsibilities of managing investment portfolios so they can focus on oversight and the pursuit of their mission. Stewards of long-term investment assets appreciate Blue Edge Capital’s:

  • Continuity of investment approach and philosophy across rotating board membership
  •  Assistance with Investment Policy Statements and the audit process
  • Timely, institutional-quality performance reporting with regular updates to finance and investment committees
  • Portal access for all investment committee members, support staff, and service providers to facilitate governance and administration

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